Dor Cohen is an Architect and Economist specialising in well-designed buildings that maximise the value of each site.

In 2020, when the world went indoors and people started to appreciate again their homes and local neighbourhoods, Dor began a mission to make cleverly designed properties that bring out the true value and beauty of a building.

Unsatisfied by the poor quality and unimaginative condition of many London properties, Dor set forth to inspire developers and owners on creating their pearls in a salty ocean.

With a knowledge of Economic markets and Investment strategies employed by Banks and Hedge Funds, Dor knew that the only truly valuable asset is Land. The power to bring out the highest potential of this asset is through masterful architectural design.

DOR Architecture’s mission is to make property what it truly is, an investment which provides the highest returns. Dor does this by choosing the best appropriate building use and creating unprecedented special experiences for its day-to-day users.

Each project is selected only on based its potential. Once chosen it is tirelessly worked on until a valuable building and business case is found. Due to this dedicated level of service, Dor only works on a handful of key exceptional projects.

Our Core Beliefs

Design = Investment

Property is the ultimate asset.

Compared to Shares and other investment classes, it is the only one that allows it to be physically used, enjoyed or generate income through use.

It should therefore be treated as investment and its potential should be maximised, whether that is through financial current or future return or through its practical use and joyful experiences it should create.

Anything else is frivolous and a shame. If there is no potential value, uplift or "business case", why design and build?

Architecture = Construction

Architects are often known to miss the practical aspects of construction, practically, costs. This is primarily an issue of design being made in architectural offices and away from the construction site.

DOR's core value is that the two must be together at all times, construction methods and costs must inform design constantly. Our history and experience are rooted in this.

Unique experiences = great design

Great design is possible for any building size, use or location. Some of the most exciting and loved projects were made from complex, restricted sites. As long as the correct use is found for a property, a design can be made to make it an extraordinary place. This is our deepest passion for architectural design.