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DOR Architecture designs stunning, engaging spaces that transform the way you live. As Hampstead Architects we use clever architectural design and the right use of space to create living experiences that are both beautiful and engaging. We’re prompt, creative, and client-focused, so you can relax during the process and enjoy your new space.

Creativity is the key to overcoming practical challenges. The right use of space creates enjoyable experiences and improves the wellbeing, productivity, and enjoyment of those who inhabit it. Each client and each property are unique, and we celebrate that individuality by listening and designing with you in consideration of the specific opportunities we can discover in your building.

We listen to your needs and work hard to exceed your expectations. As Hampstead Architects we seek to combine our local knowledge, specific experience and cutting-edge technologies. In this way, we provide a unique and comprehensive service while developing long standing relationships that make a positive impact on your lives.

We are deeply rooted in our community, and committed to being a part of it. As Hampstead Architects we are easily accessible to our neighbours, and we always have an open door. Our core belief is to operate on trust and a positive reputation.  We hope to be the go-to Hampstead Architect for you and find ways to bring our community together.

DOR Architecture is a Hampstead Architect registered with ARB and a member of RIBA.

DOR Architecture Hampstead Architect NW3

Hampstead NW3 Architect

Hampstead is a famous London hilltop village dating back centuries and is known for its extensive Architectural history for prominent Hampstead Architects and some of the highest property values in the UK. This makes it a sought-after location for permanent home for affluent families and professionals. It benefits from excellent connections via Hampstead Station, a bustling highstreet centre and the untamed ancient Hampstead Heath park.

Hampstead NW3 is one of London’s most affluent areas competing only with Chelsea and Kensington. It has the highest property values per m2 at an average of around £20,000 per m2. Typical construction costs are usually higher due to greater restrictions and availability of land meaning new construction is made into basement levels or complete redevelopment and range between £3000 to as high as £8000 per m2. Therefore the value of even a simple addition can still represent a 200-500%+ profit margin. This is even further amplified by well thought-out Architectural and interior design.

Hampstead Architect Fees?

Hampstead NW3 Architect area

DOR Architecture in Hampstead NW3

As one of the best London Architects, Dor Architecture is often selected as the leading Hampstead Architect for NW3 Projects

As Hampstead Architects, many of our design and building projects in Hampstead NW3 are Residential. This usually encompasses substantial design of extension and renovation works. DOR Architecture also carried high-end luxury flat redesigns with all of the inherent complications they tend to present.

How much might construction cost?

Starting Your Hampstead Project

"How do I start my dream project in Hampstead?"

If you have just started thinking about your dream project, we recommend first getting in touch with DOR Architecture as your local Hampstead Architect.

Our Architecture Practice will help you design your project, taking you from a set of abstract dreams to plans which Contractors could price and build for you.

Dor Architecture will also be able to advise you of any more specialist needs to realise your project such as Planning Permission, Building Control and lead other necessary designers such as Structural and MEP engineers. All so you can have a well-designed and beautiful dream project.


Do you know what you might need to do and what services could a Hampstead Architect help you with? If not learn a little about our architectural process.

Then Estimate the fee costs based on what your project might need from us.

Try our Fee Estimator


Lets not be strangers – meet us in person or virtually. This is your opportunity for you to show us your property, share your vision with us, gain some advice and see how we could add value.



We’ll prepare a proposal! If agreed we will sign a RIBA Contract, the industry standard.

At proposal we will provide you with:

  • Your Brief
  • Scope of services
  • Fee Proposal


Start Designing! we always work together, meet regularly and celebrate progress.

Could we help you from initial design to planning permission, onto site or as your agent during and after the works?

Lets Start - Get Quote...

North London NW3 Construction Services

"What Architect / Design Services could you provide for my Hampstead project?"

As New build Hampstead Architect, we provide a turnkey construction service. This starts with demolition and excavation. And progresses to full shell, roof, plumbing, electrical, decoration and fitout.

We guide your entire project dealing with all the necessary Building Control requirements. We work collaboratively with your Designers and provide any other services you need. This ensures your project is completed on time and to budget.

We successfully complete any project from house extensions to complex commercial schemes.

As sensitive Renovation Architect in Hampstead, we know how to renovate any existing building. We are experienced in modifying and renovating listed buildings.

Protostar Construction often carries out complex structural works within restricted existing buildings. This allows our clients to achieve any dream for their Renovation transformations.

High quality finishes are our highest goal and we hold superior standards even compared to NHBC.

Property development construction as NW3 Architect is our specialism. We provide a superior turnkey service to investors and developers.

We do so with a dedicated personal team which rivals much larger construction companies who can compete neither with our service nor price.

Basement and Civil engineering works as Hampstead Architect is one of Protostar Construction's strengths. We achieve complex schemes in a markedly faster time to other companies. This is done with the highest degree of technical expertise and finishes.

Due to this specialism, we often act as subcontractors to large Building companies, Insurance companies and Property developers.

Protostar Construction can carry any complex or simple Groundworks, Concrete or Steel works. As specialist Hampstead Architect NW3, We have a track record in working on restricted and nearly inaccessible sites to achieve any scheme.

We work with your Design team - Architects, Structural Engineers, Project Managers/ QS, completing the team as a professional Hampstead Construction Company.

If you need recommendations we can also help. For more specialist design packages we provide Contractor Designs and more.

Build Cost NW3

"How much could my project Cost?"

One of the big questions before even thinking about design is how much could the build cost? Architectural and other fees are relatively small compared to construction costs so it is important to understand the overall budget before starting.

The complexity and requirements of a project mainly influence costs. These will influence the price. For example New Build elements of work will require more materials and labour than Renovation works.

In Hampstead NW3 the simple works cost budget (use our estimator for more detail) range we use are:

  • £1800-2200 per square meter for Renovation
  • £2200-2800 per square meter for New Build

Since there many elements to a project from demolition and foundations all the way to final finishes and fittings, we rely on a wide network of property professionals, so you are always in experienced hands.

We provide a FREE Fee Proposal and meet with you. If this seems good, we proceed design and get the ball rolling. We can then help with the full process, seek advice on specific costs or even suggest contractors.

Try our Construction Estimator

North London Trusted Construction Company

"Construction is risky and expensive,

how can you reassure me?"

Protostar Construction is often brought in to save and complete failed projects from rogue builders. Those builders were either inexperienced, too cheap to complete the project and even scammers running away with Clients’ life savings. The stories we’ve heard could unfortunately fill volumes.

Protostar Construction, on the other hand, is a family owned and run Building Company with a 17+ year successful track record. All projects are run by an experienced and qualified team lead by an ARB RIBA Registered Architect strictly adhering to professional codes of conduct.

We only work with :

  • Reputable Consultants and Architects, some examples…
  • Formal contracts to protect our clients, e.g. JCT suite
  • Protostar Construction Guarantee – No deposit, long aftercare, personal service
  • No risk to our clients through our methodologies and management

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